Recent Litters

HAWK                         FOXY

Pups are here!
D.O.B 12/13/15
All 10 of these pups have wonderful new homes.
"BELLA"  heading to CA
"ZIPPER"  Pillager, MN
"DAISY"  Fort Ripley, MN
"CLOUDY"  St. Cloud, MN
"BUCK"  Rogers, MN
"REMI"  Ball Park, CO

"BAYLOR" Greensboro, NC

"GOLAN"  Lengby, MN

"FOXIE"  Thief River, MN

and lastly...
"BUD" (not pictured) went to Pillager, MN

The British Lab

British labs are known for their intelligence, smaller size, willingness to please, and built-in on/off switch.  Making them a great addition to any family young or old.


Garth, Katie & Toni Tretter

phone: 218-821-9164