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Our Beloved Puppies

We here at Sand Creek take great pride in breeding and raising quality British Labradors. We strive to have our puppies stay true to the British line by maintaining a manageable sized dog with intelligence, a mild temperament and natural hunting instincts. We have stayed true to the British standard by taking great consideration in each and ever breeding to obtain our goal.
Prior to delivery we pay close attention to our dams diet and implement supplements to assist in a healthy pregnancy for both mom and puppies. We then welcome each puppy into this world to the best of our ability by helping our dams in anyway we can. Upon arrival we immediately implement imprinting to improve socialization later in life. Around the clock supervision is key to ensure safety of mom and puppies.
At three to five days old our puppies make their first visit to the vet for a vet check and to have their dewclaws removed. Upon weaning we introduce a natural parasite control in addition to the traditional de-worming process. Starting this process early helps create a healthy puppy early on.  We feed a probiotic enhanced puppy food by Nutri Source which also contributes to a healthy puppy. At six weeks of age we revisit the vet for a thorough exam and their first set of shots. Throughout these first very impressionable weeks our puppies receive a ton of love and care creating the foundation that will make them one to be cherished. 
Official puppy pickup starts at seven weeks. However we do offer a Potty/Crate Training Course. This is an option if one wants to continue their trust in us. Our goal is to eliminate some of the initial challenges that a new puppy brings to its new home. In this process we aim to achieve 7 to 8 hrs of crate time to help with short sleepless nights. We introduce bells by the door as a form of communication that he or she needs to go outside. The puppy will also learn his or her name and will know how to sit. And he or she will continue to have the love and the socialization that all our pups receive. This Potty/Crate Training Course along with following our recommendations gives our puppies a huge start and helps simplify the transition into their new home. 
Our dogs and our puppies are our pride and joy. We are passionate at what we do and how we raise them. We feel confident that we are giving them the best start that we possible can. And we are so blessed by the extended family we have developed through raising our beautiful puppies.
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The British Lab

British Labradors are known for their intelligence, smaller size, willingness to please, and built-in on/off switch.  Making them a great addition to any family young or old.

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