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Our Girls


Ness is one of the sweetest little girls. Absolutely loves to be by your side. She has a beautiful color and a thick undercoat. No trouble no nonsense kind of girl. Loves to retrieve.

Ace's Ness of Tweedshot

D.O.B: 4-22-14


Avery is one of our primary hunting dogs. She has her Junior Title. Avery is a very determined girl. Always delivers. Aggressive swimmer. Obedient and steady. Enjoys both waterfowl and upland hunting.

DJ Spin the Mojo Avery

D.O.B: 7-23-14


Foxy is an amazing dog. We often refer to her as part human due to her comprehension. She is one of our primary hunting dogs. A tough and determined girl. Foxy is one of our most athletic and agile dogs. She is know as the grandma to all pups here at Sand Creek. ​

Flying Foxy of the Twin Cities

D.O.B: 4-23-12


Oakie, Foxy's daughter, is Toni's very own dog. Oakie does not possess the agility of her mom but she sure does love to retrieve. She is extremely loyal to Toni and the two of them share a very special relationship.

Little Oakie of Sand Creek

D.O.B: 5-16-13


Seven is a sweet girl, a granddaughter to Hawk and Foxy. Very intelligent and a has a willingness to please. Very evident that hunting is in her blood.

Red Seven of Sand Creek

D.O.B: 6-18-17


Remi is a very mild mannered dog. She has a discernment about her. Typical British size and demeanor. Great upland hunter. Loves to retrieve and a pleasure to be around.

Black Remi of Sand Creek

D.O.B: 1-3-16


Storm is one of our go to girls when it comes to hunting. She has her Junior Title. Storm is our biggest female weighing about 55lbs. Primarily does waterfowl but also enjoys upland when the opportunity presents itself.

Dark Storm of Craighorn

D.O.B: 2-14-15


Molly is one of our more recent imports from England. She is a very sweet girls. Has adjusted well to the U.S. Loves her new life with us!

Gragtop Cisco

D.O.B. 3-14-18


Finn is our darkest red female. She is a daughter to our Hawk. Pleasant girl to be around; loves attention. Quick learner and has a willingness to please. Retrieves like crazy.

Little Red Finn of Sand Creek

D.O.B: 8-8-16


Sadie is a grand-daughter to Hawk and Foxy. One of our smallest females and one of our highest energy females. Lots of drive for both waterfowl and upland. Is great in the field and off!

Cedes IV

D.O.B. 11-1-16


Wren is one of our newest additions. She was just recently imported from England. She loves it here; with lots of area to run and play with her new friends. Her training will bring her to new levels.

Double Tee Tania (Wren)

D.O.B: 6-2-18


Bear is Toni's dog being that she is out of Oakie. Very agile and not to mention fast. Hunting instinct is very evident. Showing she has the drive like her grandma, Foxy.

Little Black Bear of Sand Creek

D.O.B. 4-1-20


Zipp is out of our Hawk and Avery. She is a beautiful fox red color. She loves to play and is a quick learner when it comes to training. Zipp is a social little girl with other dogs and other people. And she sure loves it when new pups are around.

Little Red Zipp of Sand Creek

D.O.B: 6-10-18

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The British Lab

British Labradors are known for their intelligence, smaller size, willingness to please, and built-in on/off switch.  Making them a great addition to any family young or old.

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