"From the day we picked up our puppy she has been a great addition to the family. She is very smart and great around our current dog and amazing with the kids. I would highly recommend  anyone looking for a great lab to add to their family or for a hunting partner to visit Garth and Katie. We were very lucky to find them!"            - John & Shelia Koewler

"We could not be more pleased with our dog Brandi. She has a great personality and is easy to train. High drive to retrieve. Brandi can go from hunting to house dog. We would not hesitate to purchase another puppy or make referrals."

    - Randy & Jody Slinger

"I knew from the start that my pup was very healthy and well treated. He is a great learner and loves to be around people."

                         - Gracie

I" can't say enough good things about my pup! He is not just a good looking dog but he is very intelligent, trainable, and already has a great nose!! I am confident that by next year there are going to be some birds that are going to have there hands full keeping away from him!!"                                                       -Bob Stein



"We couldn't be happier with our new addition."    John


"We couldn't be happier with Tucker! At just 8 weeks he is displaying the characteristics of a great dog. So quick to learn and very obedient. Can't wait till he's  old enough to hunt."           - Brandon

The British Lab

British labs are known for their intelligence, smaller size, willingness to please, and built-in on/off switch.  Making them a great addition to any family young or old.


Garth, Katie & Toni Tretter



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