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Our Story

We have been breeding purebred British Labradors since 2001. We take pride in having high quality dogs and breeding them in a family setting. Our dogs are all used in the hunting field and we enjoy each one of them and their individual personalities.  We take special care in maintaining the British line by breeding for traits not just size and color.  Take a look at our family and see if you desire to make one of our quality puppies part of your family.
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Tyler and Conner are now on their own and have passed the torch to their little sister, Toni. Toni is nine years old and has been imprinting on our puppies since before she could walk. She has become known as the "Puppy Momma" and she is amazing at what she does. We home school her which allows more valuable time to be spent with our amazing dogs and puppies. Her other passion in life is time spent with our horses especial her horse Chessy that she trail rides and games with. Toni's bunny Cookie, whom thinks he is a puppy, completes our family. Toni knows the meaning of hard work and she has the determination to succeed! Any time spent with her and you will know she puts all her love into each and every puppy  we raise. Not sure how we could do it without her.

History of Our Dogs

Ringo was where it all started. He was our loyal family dog that retrieved hundreds of ducks and pheasants throughout the years. He possessed the traits desired in British Labradors; loyalty, mild  temperament, and size, to name a few. Ringo became our main stud and fathered many adored puppies. After 14 years he left Hawk to take his place.  






@ 3 Months


Birdie, like Ringo, was key to what our breeding program is today. She was high spirited and extremely agile. Quick learner was one of her keenest traits. A "go with you, do anything" kind of dog. A true family member. Unfortunately her life was taken at just 4 years old by a 220 con a bear trap. Leaving behind Hawk to continue to carry on her beloved qualities.



Hawk has  become our main stud.  He has fox red coloring and a sweet personality. In our opinion we have successfully acquired and maintained the British Labrador line to what it was intended to be. In addition to Hawk, through careful selection, we have also acquired females that also contribute to all the qualities found in the British Labrador line. We enjoy providing puppies to people like you, who are looking for a new member of the family, a hunting partner, or a loyal companion. We always look forward to hearing the feedback from their new homes. 
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The British Lab

British Labradors are known for their intelligence, smaller size, willingness to please, and built-in on/off switch.  Making them a great addition to any family young or old.

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